Stadium & Sports Venue Design & Development, Russia & CIS

TBA, Russia

October 2014 -

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Following the runaway success of our summit in Warsaw (2012) and in Kiev (2013) each attended by over 150 people, Construction IQ is delighted to be researching and developing its most comprehensive summit "Stadium & Sports Venue Design & Development, Russia & CIS" for 2014, which this year will take place in Russia, September 16th-17th.

The Summit will focus on key solutions in materials, construction technologies, security and safety for the Russian and CIS stadium industry.

Construction IQ’s Stadium Design and Development summit will give you the opportunity to hear best practice case studies from leading architects, construction companies and take advantage of the lessons learnt about stadium development from various organising committees, as well as many more. Attend the event to find out how to excel in cost control, the implementation of efficient design for sustainable builds and the integration of future-proof technologies in modern stadia to ensure lasting legacy of the projects.

Watch this space to find out more!

Who Should Attend?

Stadium design and development infrastructure stakeholders throughout the value chain will be attending, including:

  • Government ministries and departments
  • Bid committees
  • Developers
  • Sporting association committees
  • Architects
  • Design consultants
  • Contractors
  • Structural engineering firms

Summit 2013 Speakers

Elena Akulenko
Deputy General Director for Design
Slobodan Delic
Director Venue Technology Management and Result Services
Organising Committee for Sochi 2014 XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games
Jochen Köhn
Associate Partner
GMP Architects
Roman Hepp
GMP Architects
Kirill Petrov
Deputy General Director, External Relations & Special Projects
ZAO “Association “ENGEOCOM”
Sergey Kopyl
Construction and Engineering Director for Zenit Stadium
ZAO Engineering Corporation Transstroy
Sergey Simak
General Director
Ukrainian Sports Arenas SC
Olga Fazullina
Hospitality and Leisure Advisory Manager
Anton Nefagin
Chief specialist
Rosengineering Project
Mark Wood
Architecture urban design interior design creative media
dexter moren associates
Antonino Vultaggio
Project Partner and Head of Design
HPP Hentrich-Petschnigg & Partner GmbH + Co. KG
Thomas Schrader
Vice President
Arena Com
Igor Dietrich-Chekerd
OWPlan Group
Vladimir Spilnichenko
Olimpiyskiy Stadium
Peter Ayres
Director – Building Engineering
Damon Lavelle
Alexei Polyakov
Alexey Polyakov, General Manager, Prosperity Project Management and Co-founder and Chairman of the Executive Board of Directors, Russian Green Building Council (RuGBC)
Prosperity Project Management and Russian Green Building Council (RuGBC)

Testimonials from past delegates:

"Excellent set-up and participation. No improvement needed."
"Exposure, networking with leading professionals, first hand knowledge of more than a decade of Sports Venue design."
"I've met new people in the stadium design community. Have expanded the profile of our firm and now have got a better understanding of hot climate stadia"
"Good networking & introduction to many external service providers"
"I've learnt about the bid book, the test stadium and the existing conceptual designs for the stadiums."